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The 35 Most Suspicious Deaths From The VAERS Database: What's Going On Here?!
VAERS: Hundreds Die Within Days Of Controversial mRNA Shot?! You Sure It's Safe, FDA?
VAERS Vax Exposé: 250+ Reports Of People Dying Within 1 Day Of The Covid19 Vaccine
UNCONTROLLABLE: Shaking, Passing Out & Seizures After Vaccines [VAERS & Yellow Card]
PREGNANCY LOSS After Covid Vaccine, Many Reports In VAERS: 500+ Miscarriages & Stillbirths
500+ Reported Cases of Numbness, Paralysis, or Bell's Palsy After Covid Vacx; VAERS Data Walkthrough
Numbness, Paralysis & Bell's Palsy Seen Many Times Soon After Vax. What's Going On? HHS VAERS Data
Heart Inflammation: Almost a Thousand Cases of Carditis & Pericarditis In HHS VAERS Data
VAERS: Hundreds Of Heart Attacks & Cardiac Arrests Soon After The Covid19 Vaccine [HHS Data]
Blindness, Blurry/ Tunnel Vision & Eyesight Issues: 350+ Reports Of Sight Disturbances After Vax
VAERS: Hundreds Of People Reporting Severe Hearing Loss & And Other Hearing Issues After Vax
Many Women Experiencing Menstrual Issues After Vaccine: Heavier/ Longer Periods & More
CAR CRASHES: Wrecks & Near Crashes, People Lose Control Of Their Bodies While Driving Post Vax

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Pfizer/ BioNTech Vaccine AstraZeneca/ Oxford University Vaccine
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